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Summer BBQ Adventures

This weekend, I enjoyed a fantastic BBQ with family and friends. Some of my favorite dishes from the cookout are below. (Sorry I have no pictures for these. Lame, I know.)

Rosemary Skewered Shrimp:

A quick and easy appetizer that you could easily make into a main course, and a great way to trim back some over grown rosemary plants at the end of the summer. For every five pieces of shrimp, cut a sprig of fresh rosemary. Peel the rosemary leaves off the stalk, with the exception of the tuft at the top. Take some pre-cleaned, de-veined shrimp and make a kabob of them with the now bare rosemary sprig. You should fit approximately 5 shrimp per sprig. Finely chop the rosemary you removed from the stalks. Mix it with 1/4 cup of fresh squeezed lemon juice and 3T of extra virgin olive oil. Put the stalks in a plastic bag and pour the lemon juice and rosemary mix over it. Leave in the bag to marinate for an hour or two. Grill til the shrimp turns pink and serve. (Hints: protect the rosemary sprigs and the shrimp by placing foil down on your grill before you cook the shrimp. To turn this into a light main course, serve over polenta slices with a mesclun and balsamic salad.)

RIBS. Nuff said.

The morning of the cookout, I was presented with three full racks of ribs and told to go nuts. Of course, I guessed. I cut the ribs into individual portions and poured two bottles of a cinnamon flavored beer over them in a deep pan. Season with salt and pepper, cover the pan with foil, and cook at 300 for an hour, hour and a half. Mix one cup of dark brown sugar with 2 teaspoons of stone ground mustard and 5 cloves of minced garlic. Take the ribs out of the oven, coat the meaty side of the ribs liberally with the sugar rub. Drop the oven down to 275 and cook covered for another hour, hour and a half, or until they’re falling off the bone. Paint both sides of the ribs with a thin layer of BBQ sauce (I like Sweet Baby Rays Hickory and Brown Sugar) and finish on the grill just for a hint of smoky flavor. Remove from the grill, paint with a thicker layer of BBQ sauce, and serve. YUM.


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